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Webbing Slings: Efficiency & Safety in Lifting Operations

Webbing slings are essential tools for efficient and secure lifting operations. At T&C Services, we offer a wide range of webbing slings on our website to meet your lifting requirements. 

Composed of 100% polyester fibre and adhering to the standards set by BS EN1492-1:2000 and the “Machinery Directive 2006/42/EEC,” our slings provide optimal reliability and performance.

Ensuring Safe Load Capacity with Colour Coding

One of the notable features of our webbing slings is their colour-coded design, enabling easy identification of the relevant working load limit. 

Quality Labels and Enhanced Inspection Procedures

To facilitate safe usage, each webbing sling is individually labelled with essential information such as the sling number, material composition, length, and date of manufacture. The labels also include pertinent safety information. For thorough inspection procedures, the load-bearing seams are sewn with a contrasting thread colour, ensuring easy detection of any potential issues or damages.

Tailored Webbing Slings for Diverse Applications

At T&C Services, we understand that lifting operations across various industries have unique requirements. That’s why we offer the flexibility to customise webbing slings according to specific lengths and end terminations. Whether you require flat eyes, folded eyes, or steel terminals, we can provide the most suitable configuration for your application needs. 

Advantages of Webbing Slings

  1. High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

    Our webbing slings are renowned for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for efficient and safe lifting operations. Despite their lightweight nature, these slings maintain their load-bearing capabilities, ensuring ease of handling.

  2. Easy Capacity Recognition with Colour Coding

    To enhance efficiency and reduce the risk of errors, our webbing slings feature a colour-coded system that simplifies the identification of their respective load capacities. This enables operators to quickly and accurately select the appropriate sling for each lifting task.

  3. Lightweight and Flexible

    The inherent characteristics of our webbing slings make them lightweight and highly flexible, enabling easy manoeuvrability even in confined spaces. Their flexibility contributes to improved load distribution, ensuring optimal stability during lifting operations.

  4. Shock Load Absorption

    Our webbing slings possess the ability to absorb shock loads, making them ideal for lifting applications involving sudden movements or dynamic forces. This feature helps protect both the load and the lifting equipment, minimising the risk of damage or accidents.

  5. Surface Protection for Delicate and Painted Surfaces

    When it comes to lifting delicate or painted surfaces, our webbing slings offer a reliable solution. Their soft and smooth material construction minimises the risk of damage, ensuring the integrity of the lifted objects.

  6. Wide Load Bearing Area

    Our webbing slings provide a wide load-bearing area, effectively distributing the weight of the load. This feature enhances stability and reduces the pressure exerted on specific points, mitigating the risk of load-deformation or structural damage.

  7. Twist and Kink Resistance

    Thanks to their sturdy construction, our webbing slings exhibit excellent resistance to twisting and kinking. This ensures a reliable and tangle-free lifting experience, allowing for smooth and efficient operations.

  8. Resistance to Grease and Oils

    Our webbing slings are unaffected by grease and oils commonly found in industrial environments. This resilience ensures their longevity and reliability, even when exposed to substances that could potentially compromise the performance of other materials.

  9. Operator Safety Assurance

    With their high-quality design and adherence to safety standards, our webbing slings provide a secure lifting solution. Operators can trust in the reliability of these slings, minimising the risk of accidents or injuries during lifting operations.

  10. Easy Inspection and Maintenance

    Our webbing slings are designed for easy inspection, allowing operators to quickly assess their condition and identify any signs of wear, tear, or damage. This streamlined inspection process facilitates timely maintenance, ensuring the continued safety and performance of the slings.

  11. Low Extension for Precise Lifting

    The low extension property of our webbing slings ensures accurate lifting control. This characteristic enables precise positioning of the load, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of potential errors or imbalances.

Fast Delivery and Bespoke Sling Creation

At T&C Services, we prioritise customer satisfaction. We offer fast delivery options to ensure that you receive your webbing slings promptly. Additionally, we can create bespoke slings on request, tailoring them to your specific lifting needs.

Trust T&C Services for reliable and high-quality webbing slings that exceed expectations in performance, durability, and safety – shop them here