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We’re Now Official MFC Distributors

In our efforts to provide the latest technology in the rescue and recovery industry, we are now proud distributors of the MFC International Powermat High-Pressure Lifting Bags and Catch Bags. MFC International is a specialist manufacturer of inflatable rescue, recovery, survival, and sewer maintenance equipment, with their products being used by fire brigades, rescue and recovery teams, the military, and humanitarian support organisations around the world. Their dedication to innovation and product quality is why we wanted to stock and distribute their products.

Powermat High-Pressure Lifting Bags

The Powermat Lifting Bag is a heavy-duty, high-pressure bag designed to lift vehicles and heavy objects off the ground in emergency situations. When deflated the bags are slimline to enable placement underneath vehicles and are very suitable for restricted and awkward spaces.

Compressed air is pumped into the bag in a controlled fashion to inflate and slowly lift the object until the load can be captured by other equipment. The bags we stock are available in 12 standard sizes with the lifting capabilities ranging from 1 tonne to 68 tonnes.

The bags are fully compliant with EN 13731:2007 and require little maintenance.

See the video below for the bags being used in a demonstration environment.

Powermat High-Pressure Lifting Bags

These bags are perfect for rescue and recovery teams who find themselves on the scenes of accidents and can be used to quickly and safely lift vehicles off people or to release people who are trapped. See the specifications for the 8 Bar Bags we stock.

Powermat High-Pressure Lifting Bag Technical Sheet



Catch Bags

Catch Bags are designed to prevent a fast and dangerous descent of an overturned vehicle as it is being flipped back onto the right side. The bags are heavy duty and will quickly inflate making them perfect for virtually any situation. When placed underneath the wheels of a large vehicle, such as a lorry, the bags will catch and then slowly bring the vehicle down to the ground without producing any further damage to the vehicle. This enables the recovery team to work in a safe environment.

The Catch Bags are used in conjunction with Air Bags and Air Cushions to produce a controlled environment for flipping an overturned vehicle.  See the video below of the system being used in a demonstration environment.

Catch Bag MFC International


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