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Essential Roadside Tools for Vehicle Recovery

In the world of vehicle recovery, being prepared is not just a suggestion – it’s a necessity. At T&C Services, where we’re renowned for our comprehensive range of vehicle recovery equipment, understand this need. Our collection, especially our PAS 43 compliant tools and safety equipment, ensures that professionals in the field are equipped with reliable and durable tools to handle any roadside situation.

Why Roadside Tools are Vital

The unpredictable nature of roadside recovery demands a set of tools that can handle a variety of situations, ranging from simple vehicle breakdowns to more complex recovery scenarios. Safety is paramount, not just for the recovery professional but also for the motorists and pedestrians around the recovery site. This is where our range of safety cones, hammers, shovels, and more come into play, ensuring that every recovery operation is carried out with the utmost safety and efficiency.

Our Top Picks for Roadside Recovery Tools

1. Safety Cones

Safety cones are indispensable in marking out a safe working area. Our 500mm road cones are durable and visible, providing clear demarcation at the scene.

2. Wooden Broom with Bassine Bristles

A clean workspace is a safe workspace. Our wooden broom with bassine bristles is perfect for clearing debris and ensuring a safe environment.

3. Plastic Shovel

Whether it’s clearing snow or debris, our robust plastic shovel is an essential tool for any recovery operation.

4. Sledge and Copper Hammers

For more demanding tasks, our 7lb sledge hammer with a hickory handle and 2lb copper hammer offer the necessary force and durability.

5. Bolt Cutter and Crowbars

Our 24″ bolt cutter is ideal for cutting through locks or chains, while our crowbars (including a 5ft heel and point crowbar and a 24″ wrecking bar) are perfect for prying and moving heavy objects.

Introducing the Wrecker Tool Kit

Understanding the need for a comprehensive, easy-to-manage toolkit, we are excited to introduce the Wrecker Tool Kit. This kit is a culmination of essential tools needed at the scene of an accident or incident. It’s not just a collection of tools; it’s a package of reliability and assurance for recovery professionals.

Kit Contents:

Wooden Broom with Bassine Bristles

Plastic Shovel

6 x 500mm Road Cones

7lb Sledge Hammer with Hickory Handle

2lb Copper Hammer

24″ Bolt Cutter

Crowbar Heel & Point 5ft

Wrecking Bar Jemmy Type 24″

Purchasing these items separately would cost £164, but we’re offering this kit at a saving of £20 when bought together. Shop here

At T&C Services, we believe in equipping our customers with the best tools for safety and efficiency on the road. Visit our shop to explore our full range of recovery equipment and take a step towards safer and more efficient roadside recovery operations.