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The Safety of Roadside Recovery Workers

According to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive three out of five serious incidents on the motorway involve a static vehicle on the hard shoulder; thus highlighting the importance of the Roadside Recovery & Repair (RRR) workers that risk their own health and safety to get broken down vehicles off the motorway quickly and without further incident. Unfortunately, in recent years, numerous high profile deaths and serious injuries to RRR workers on Britain’s motorways has highlighted how much more work needs to be done to increase awareness and understanding of the workers on our roads.

Organisations such as Slow Down Move Over, which we are stakeholders for, have made it their mission “To improve the safety of those working or stranded at the roadside.” They are seeking to create a culture of awareness for all road users to respond appropriately when presented with a temporary hazard on the road and most importantly respond to the hazard with the lives of those responding to the incident in mind.

Suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Whilst there can certainly be a lot more done by other road users to improve the safety of RRR workers, employers can ensure their workers are doing everything in their power to protect themselves when responding to a situation. Supplying suitable clothing and protective equipment is essential, and making sure each item of clothing is suitable for the various seasons is a must.

The high visibility workwear you provide to workers should:

  • Comply with the EN20471 Standard for High Visibility Clothing
  • Be worn comfortably and be lightweight
  • Not restrict movement
  • Be clean and in good condition

Our High Visibility Work Wear

Our workwear is perfect for recovery workers and complies with all standards including the EN20471 as required. We offer a large range of season appropriate clothing, including sleeveless waistcoats. We also stock hand protection, head protection, and clothing accessories to help improve comfort.

Unsure what the most appropriate workwear is for you, speak to one of our team, we’d love to help you! 

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