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Rim Sling for Containers

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Rim Sling for Containers

Rim Sling for Containers, for Container lifting . Sling diameter 18mm of OX40 HMPE 12-strand core cable x 3 metre length. There is a 6″ eye at either end of the sling. These container slings can also be used in a variety of other rigging applications.
WLL: Basket (0° Angle Non Round) – 4,857kgs | Vertical: (Single leg)– 4,857kgs | Choker – (Single Square Load) – 2,428kgs 7:1 Safety Factor.

These specialized lifting slings are specifically designed for container pocket lifting or pulling. They can be inserted in both the top or bottom pockets of a shipping container and utilized even while on its side, without performing a double pick necessary with other types of rigging. These container slings feature a moveable wear sleeve to prevent wear at the point of lifting or pulling. Not only can these slings be used for container pocket lifting, but they are also suitable for a variety of other rigging applications.

With a working load limit of 31,230kg, they offer exceptional strength and reliability. They also feature a 7:1 safety factor, ensuring that they can handle the toughest lifting and pulling jobs.

The Rim Sling Container can lift and pull shipping containers with ease and confidence. These slings offer superior strength and durability, and their innovative design makes them a safe and reliable. Whether you’re working in the recovery, shipping industry or tackling tough rigging jobs, these container slings are a must-have tool for any professional.

These slings can be made in different size diameter and length enquire for a price.

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