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Axle Cap Set for HGV Rear Axles

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Axle Cap Set for HGV Rear Axles.

Complete set with a pair each of all of the axle caps, including pressure distributing washers and an oil collecting tray for the axle drive. Further development of the exsisting set. Axle caps also fit newer rear axles too.

When a bus or truck is towed, one or more drive axles often need to be pulled. For years, the standard procedure for towing has been to place a piece of cardboard over the hub studs to help retain the oil, but this method is less than effective. This loss of oil can severely damage drive axle components and usually results in burnt bearings, melted seals and scorched hubs. Oil is spread on the wheels and tyres, not to mention the road. It’s just not professional and makes it hard to leave a good impression with customers when you tow the vehicle back to the yard with a smoking hub that has been run dry due to leaking oil that now covers the wheels and tyres.

Set of 5:

  • MB, MAN,IVECO 900-805
  • VAN HOOL 900-885

New Stock due at beginning of February

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