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5 Simple Hacks To Clean Hi-Vis Clothing; The Right Way

Hi-vis clothing is a fundamental garment for lots of people, whether that be emergency service or construction workers or anyone particularly conscious of their safety when recovering vehicles at the roadside.

It’s their luminous colouring that helps increase someone’s profile, but of course, this will only prove effective if this type of clothing has been regularly cleaned, and more importantly, done so in the right way. 

Here, we have looked at five really simple things to consider when cleaning hi-vis clothing. 

Right, Here’s How To Clean Hi-Vis Clothing Correctly 

Wash Alongside Similar Clothing 

It’s important to clean hi-vis clothing, but not in a way that jeopardises its striking colourisation. The key consideration would be washing these alongside clothing which adopt similar tones, otherwise it could begin staining. 

Also place clothing with very similar textures, so avoid things like jeans, since their typically rougher fabrics may inflict damage onto the filming which provides hi-vis clothing with its reflective qualities. 

Only Wash The Recommended Amount of Times 

Working on building sites or roadworks is hard graft, and the state of your hi-vis clothing will reflect this, but don’t go overboard with cleaning, and instead only conduct what’s recommended. 

It’s inevitable that multiple washes will be needed for certain roles, however manual intervention can sometimes do the trick, such as the occasional wipe down. 

Use Mild Detergents To Remove Grime 

Pre soak your clothing by leaving your garments to soak for up to thirty minutes, and you should instantly notice the removal of grime.  Leave them longer if certain areas of grime persist. 

So, why use mild detergents? Well, certain workers could end up wearing hi-vis clothing most of the day, and what’s great about this solution would be the lack of harsh chemicals, so expect a smooth and comfortable wearing experience after each wash. 

Maintain Suitable Temperatures 

Washing machines are often called upon to clean garments, and with hi-vis clothing, its vital temperature settings are lukewarm. Should temperatures become too high, your clothing’s fabric may start to destabilise. 

Hang Your Clothes Before Washing

After a long day working away, it’s very easy to fling all your clothes into a giant heap, or stuff them into a laundry bin without a care in the world. Although it’s convenient, this won’t serve hi-vis clothing well prior to cleaning. 

Instead, you should hang up your clothing as dust and debris can be identified and then removed before the wash begins. Should this remain ingrained into the fabric before the wash, well, it’s only going to make removal much harder later down the line. 

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